Our mission

The company DO-IT and her employees want to contribute to a sustainable society.

How do we fulfill this ambition?
As an international company we trade, produce and distribute certified organic food ingredients and raw materials since 1991. For organic agriculture a healthy and vivid earth is the starting point and that’s why artificial fertiliser, chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms are not being used. In this way, we want to stimulate worldwide sustainable agriculture.

Additionally, we started working with the Fair Trade IBD certification system. Fair Trade IBD sets economical, ecological and social criteria for all links in the chain from farmer up to consumer. A product carrying the Fair Trade IBD seal meets all criteria.

  • Respect for children’s rights, labour rights and labour circumstances.
  • Education and training
  • Financial benefits
  • Environmental agriculture and production
  • Conservation of areas and earth in general
  • Fair trade
  • Open, transparent and long term management
  • Extra fee for social and ecological programs.
We warmly endorse criteria standards set by Fair Trade IBD and like to contribute to better living conditions in the regions our products originate from. By means of a small overprice per product, organisations and communities are enabled to realise two social and two ecological targets annually.

We are convinced that the Fair Trade IBD seal in combination with the organic seal has the most added value for humans, society and environment.

We like to show you where our products originate from and to what and whom the overprice is spent on. We invite you to visit  http://ibd.com.br/pt/Default.aspx in order to meet our suppliers and to see the programs they have realised with the Fair Trade IBD premium.

We hope that you are willing to support our mission.

The employees of DO-IT